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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Done and done :)

I finished my shawl today, it's taken me a couple of days to thread the ribbon through the dropped stitches though. I'm glad I finished the knitting on Friday because weaving 11 long pieces of ribbon through has been boooo-ring!

Good news though, I've managed to learn to stop holding the needles in a death grip (my other little attempt for the Olympics). It means that my gauge is slightly bigger at one end than the other, but I can always frog it and knit it back up later if it bothers me. It doesn't though. This item is for me, so I don't mind having a visual reminder of my battle with loosening up my grip ;) and it was a battle!

I also think that I'm learning to like knitting more. I've just started a cardigan (in a nice bulky wool, so it's on 7mm needles and knitting up so quickly!) whoch I've been meaning to get on to for a while. Crochet will always be the Queen of my Heart, but I think the knitting can come to the ball too now. Spinning, felting and dying will be pleased that she finally got an invitation.

I'll post a picture later though (isn't that the story with me these days??). I've still got this yukky cold, and even browsing the net at the moment is taking it out of me.

I hope everyone else will soon be as relieved as I'm feeling now. It wasn't a ridiculous amount of knitting to do in 2 weeks, but man, did it hang over my head when I wasn't working on it!



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