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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Yaay!! It's a gold :-)

I finished my scarf yesterday while listening to a tale of woe from a young friend of ours. I am very sorry sbout their situation, but thrilled to have finished with a day and a bit in hand.

When I rebuilt the pattern I used the Cascading Leaves lace panel pattern from the 2nd Harmony Guide to Knitting stitches, and put a 4 stitch lace band up each side. I filled in the gaps with stocking stitch, but a funny thing has happened: it folds along the reverse stocking stitch on each side of the cascading leaves. I have now used the same pattern combination but with garter stitch instead of stocking stitch, for an Olympic dishcloth which I knitted in sunshine yellow Cotton Fields: an Olympic Gold Cloth ;-).

What a fantastic feeling to have finished this, but also to have participated in a truly international event from the relative comfort of my own home, lol.

Congratulations to everyone who's finished, and a big cheer for those still knitting: you can do it!!


At 4:43 PM, Blogger addictedknitter said...

Well done Donna!!! We should take a picture of BOTH articles, and put them up on your blog - how about it?


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