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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Four years

on and only 13 days to the next winter Olympics: any team kiwi members still there? Any planned projects?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Has it really been this long?!?!?

Good grief, I'd not realised just how long it had been since I last added anything here. Talk about slack!!!I must try to be more consistent. I've got some pics I must add - another day, though. I'm really only doing a check-in message here. At least I know this isn't really that widely read, so no one will miss anything I write, or don't, as the case may be.

Monday, August 28, 2006

new knitalong alert!

I don't know if any of you are still reading this, but if you are head along to

It's a knitalong especially for summer knits, for those of us who are heading into warmer weather and want to rub it in!

Send me an email to join, if anyone wants to help mod that would also be welcome!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Better late than never...


Here is my completed KO project, finally. I had a real problem with the cuff on the second sock, so I had to accept the fact that I wasn't going to make the deadline, but I vowed that I would get them done before starting (too many) new projects. Not bad for my first attempt at socks!

Lars Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Day Sixteen

Finished, finally! I cast off the second sock during the closing ceremony rebroadcast, so I guess that almost counts! I cut the amount of ribbing down to save time because I thought it would look better with one inch rather than two, and I'm pleased with the result. I'll block them properly on the weekend. My SnB girls want me to bring them along tomorrow to show them off :)

Monday, February 27, 2006

Well done to everyone who finished, and to everyone who took part!

Sorry I haven't been around much, my life has been taking a couple of interesting turns and unfortunately knitting and blogging have both sort of fallen by the wayside. I've really enjoyed this experience though and watching everyone's progress, and I love that I've found a few new blogs to read!

Even though the Olympics are over, I'd love to see everyone post their finished objects up here when they do finish (for me that might be a while away, I think I need some instant gratification projects right now).

Anyway, thanks guys!

so close...

...yet so far! I stayed up til after midnight last night trying to get my socks done, my elbow was aching, my back was sore and the stitches were blurring in front of my eyes! There was only about another hour's work to do on them, but I forced myself to go to bed before I finished the final rib band - it's first day of semester today, so I needed to get at least some sleep. So a bit disappointing, but nevertheless I'm pretty proud of what I was able to achieve, and they'll be finished off tonight easily enough.

Hello - the mckiwi has finished too

Hi Everyone
I have finished my project (and changed my blog to typepad so now I am ), this means I have to get back to doing household things.... and wait for warm (?) Scottish weather to wear it.
Congrats to everyone out there.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Done and done :)

I finished my shawl today, it's taken me a couple of days to thread the ribbon through the dropped stitches though. I'm glad I finished the knitting on Friday because weaving 11 long pieces of ribbon through has been boooo-ring!

Good news though, I've managed to learn to stop holding the needles in a death grip (my other little attempt for the Olympics). It means that my gauge is slightly bigger at one end than the other, but I can always frog it and knit it back up later if it bothers me. It doesn't though. This item is for me, so I don't mind having a visual reminder of my battle with loosening up my grip ;) and it was a battle!

I also think that I'm learning to like knitting more. I've just started a cardigan (in a nice bulky wool, so it's on 7mm needles and knitting up so quickly!) whoch I've been meaning to get on to for a while. Crochet will always be the Queen of my Heart, but I think the knitting can come to the ball too now. Spinning, felting and dying will be pleased that she finally got an invitation.

I'll post a picture later though (isn't that the story with me these days??). I've still got this yukky cold, and even browsing the net at the moment is taking it out of me.

I hope everyone else will soon be as relieved as I'm feeling now. It wasn't a ridiculous amount of knitting to do in 2 weeks, but man, did it hang over my head when I wasn't working on it!


Yaay!! It's a gold :-)

I finished my scarf yesterday while listening to a tale of woe from a young friend of ours. I am very sorry sbout their situation, but thrilled to have finished with a day and a bit in hand.

When I rebuilt the pattern I used the Cascading Leaves lace panel pattern from the 2nd Harmony Guide to Knitting stitches, and put a 4 stitch lace band up each side. I filled in the gaps with stocking stitch, but a funny thing has happened: it folds along the reverse stocking stitch on each side of the cascading leaves. I have now used the same pattern combination but with garter stitch instead of stocking stitch, for an Olympic dishcloth which I knitted in sunshine yellow Cotton Fields: an Olympic Gold Cloth ;-).

What a fantastic feeling to have finished this, but also to have participated in a truly international event from the relative comfort of my own home, lol.

Congratulations to everyone who's finished, and a big cheer for those still knitting: you can do it!!

Day Fifteen

Racing! I've done the heel, now it's just the hard yards of the leg and then the cuffs for both socks. Doubt whether I'll have time to block them before closing, but fingers crossed, I'll manage to get them knitted at least tonight!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

It is finished!!!

I cast off my scarf last night. I am really pleased with the way it looks. Pictures of the finished object are up on my blog. I haven't blocked it, just left it sitting around, to enjoy looking at it. Now I've started putting together some squares for a baby blanket for some one. Let's hope I can stick with this project, and not get too sidetracked.

Day Thirteen/Fourteen

Didn't take a picture yesterday because I was so tired on Thursday (it's the start of semester at work, so it's incredibly hectic and I feel like a wrung-out sponge by the end of the day) I only got a few rows done. Last night I finished the foot and started on the shaping for the heel, but I'm really going to be up against the wire time-wise - should be able to do a fair bit tonight so I hope I'll be able to finish in time. That'll teach me for being cocky and complacent!

Friday, February 24, 2006

I should finish tomorrow

I'm hoping I will be able to cast off on my scarf tomorrow. Maybe while I watch the Super14 game. I'm on to the fourth ball, and really don't think I will need another ball. Me thinks it will be long enough. I'll have to get a picture taken, and then get it up onto my blog.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A bronze for me!!

Hi all,

I think it will be a bronze for me rather than a gold! I have done over 1/4 of the strips to weave. 4 inches more than above photo shows. However with all the sewing together even if I get the things knitted it will be a couple of days to sew up. Ah well it has been fun taking part. I will endeavour to get them knitted in time.

As you can see I am shaping them with short rows so they curve allowing me to be able to weave them under and over the body strips off the cape. This does mean alot of knitting tho!!

A dratted headcold has slowed me up a little. But I must admit to getting sidetracked a little today with the yarn for the next project!!

Knit on >^..^<

The Knitting Olympics - Gold Medal Sweater

Waaa Hooo!!!!

Jesse's Flames is finished and before the Olympic Flame has been extinguished

The only thing I do not like is that the sleeves are a little too long, but DD absolutely LOVES it the way it is, so that is all that matters.

I did shorten the sleeves as much as I could without having to do too many changes.

Day Twelve

About halfway through the foot so far. The stocking stitch underside looks so much better on this one, as I've been moving the stitches around to avoid ladders. Part of me wants to redo the other sock now, but at this point in the Olympics, it ain't going to happen!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Day Eleven

Terrible picture, I know, but I've just started the patterning of the foot for the second sock. I just hope I have enough time to finish knitting and blocking them before the flame goes out!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I'm in for the Gold!!!

I am on the home strait for my scarf, and am going for Gold all the way to the finish line!!! lol I'm onto the 3rd ball, and will probably only need one more, and then we are good to go - or finish - as the case may be. I am so pleased with the way it looks. This is a very doable - is that a proper word? - pattern, and one I definitely intend to do again. Only, not as a scarf, as a blanket.
Doing the happy dance in hot, hot, hot, Blenheim

Day Nine/Ten

I've now finished the first sock up to the point where I need to do the ribbing for the cuff, so I've started on the next one. I've just about completed the toe, but this morning the light was too bad to take a decent picture so you'll just have to take my word for it ;)