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Monday, February 20, 2006

Plodding along...

Like you, Sarah, I can't say I'm exactly leading the field on my Olympic Knitting.

I started with great enthusiasm on the opening day (didn't you love the costumes?) only to discover that my brain would not process the Leisel Scarf stitch pattern no matter how I tried. So I whinged a bit then tried another stitch pattern in the centre of my poor scarf.

Did I mention I have started this yarn 4 times now??

It and I tottered along till last Thursday when I said to my bestest knitting friend, "What I really wanted was..." and then decided to make it happen. My scarf is now Donna's Olympic Gold Scarf (I hope!!) and I am on the downhill side, having joined in ball 2 of 2 last night while watching Femme Fatale in protest at there being no Olympics on at 10.30pm (my knitting/wind down time)

What a strange movie that was, but quite fascinating...

Anyway, off to get further down the slope before I have to go sleep some more...

Yay, Team Kiwi, we can do it!!


At 9:37 AM, Blogger octopusgrrl said...

Sometimes you've just got to go where the spirit takes you. It sounds like you made the right choice in changing projects :)

I'm about halfway through Femme Fatale - I got sucked into watching it on Sun but had to get to bed, so I taped it. You're right, it is a fascinating film - seems a bit voyeuristic in parts, but quite intriguing.

At 10:41 PM, Blogger Donna said...

Yes, that's a good word for that movie. I wasn't sure how to express it, hence the dots ;-). I surely wouldn't be happy to watch it in company, even my DDs', though one's almost 22 and the other 19.

I amd cheering you on with your socks: I love socks, they are so interesting, but not too slow to finish. Next project, maybe socks for me!! Hmm, but it could also be a little black cardigan for that engineering student ;-S. I did offer.


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